KTAR’s Rob Hunter Justifies Killing Children

From December 2008 to January 2009, Israel pounded the Gaza Strip which is one of the most heavily populated areas on the planet. About 1300 people were killed in Gaza. Of which about 300-400 were children. Amazingly, some of the reports and pictures made it through our media-sanitization filter.

Usually people are horrified by seeing children with parts of their heads missing. But not Rob Hunter (producer of Ankarlo Mornings on KTAR). Instead, his reaction was to post about 30 pictures of Palestinian children in military fatigues carrying (fake?) guns. He posted this on Ankarlo’s blog under the title “Palestinian images they don’t show you”. Apparently, this is Rob’s attempt to justify the killing of children.

Here’s the screenshot from Jan 2009. Rob’s link is the second from the bottom.

My only conclusion is to believe that Rob does not see the people of Gaza as humans. Does he think that this was a grass-roots movement of terrorist-toddlers? Isn’t it obvious that there were some crazy parents who put their kids up to this? I don’t see why those kids’ deaths were any less of a tragedy because of some parents’ decisions.