KTAR’s Ankarlo Hates on Homosexuals

You can’t have a right-wing nut job without some gay bashing every now and then, right? For those that don’t know, Ankarlo is a deeply serious Christianist. That’s my analysis, anyway. Yes, there’s a difference between a Christian and a Christianist. Just as there’s a difference between patriotism and jingoism. From what I’ve gathered by painfully listening to the show for too long is that Ankarlo’s problem with homosexuals and gay marriage seems to be based on his fundamentalist beliefs, as you’ll hear from the first clip.

This rant (from 2-23-09) was sparked by Ankarlo’s watching the Academy Awards:

If you’re gay, I don’t care. You keep your life to yourself, I’ll keep my life to myself. If you let spill out of your house into the marketplace, then we’re gonna have conversations.

Too funny. The “marketplace”? Does he mean like Safeway or Fry’s? And his threat was to have “conversations” with them. Sounded like he actually wanted to say something else.

Near last Halloween (from 10-27-08), there was a story about a college kid (Chad) who hung a Sarah Palin effigy as part of a Halloween gag. This got Ankarlo pissed enough to make some pretty nasty statements.

I don’t want to draw any conclusions, but he sounds gay. Can I just say that for a second? The guy sounds a little…on the other team. Can I say it that way? LET’S HANG A GAY GUY! I got an idea, Chad, I’m gonna put up a gay guy…dead…in my front yard.

In 2008 after California’s Prop 8 passed which changed the state Constitution to take away same-sex couples’ rights to marry, there was an idea by some to “call in gay” to show how much the country relies on gays/lesbians. But Big Boss Man Ankarlo would have none of it (from 12-9-08):

I’m just telling you straight out. If I run a business and you call in gay…if you call in sick on Wednesday and I know that you’re gay, or I know that you hang out with gay people, or I know you feel sorry for the Prop 8 thing not passing there in California, [then] I’m putting you on the hit list. You will be fired!

I’m surprised he didn’t go further. What if they called in sick and their Senator is Larry Craig? Or what if they used to attend Ted Haggard’s church? Would you still fire them, Mr Ankarlo?

On the same topic, one of KTAR’s listeners came up with another idea to make a slightly different point to homosexuals. And Ankarlo liked it enough to read on the air (from 12-9-08):

How about all the straight people…they don’t give blood on one day. All the straight people, just no blood. And then the gays will realize that you kinda have to have straight people around here or else you’re all gonna die.

Were you aware that if homosexuals are allowed to marry that this would lead to the legalization of polygamy and bestiality? Ankarlo explains this, of course. What set this one off was the same-sex marriage of a teacher in San Francisco which was before Prop 8 was passed. Ankarlo went on to tell us how God has the city of San Francisco on his “To Kill” list (from 10-13-08):

It is San Francisco after all. How it has not fallen off into the bay is beyond me, but apparently God is busy doing other things right now.

Did you notice a common theme in some of these clips? Hanging a gay guy…Stopping blood donations to kill all homosexuals…Divine mass murder of gay-friendly cities. This has to be as bad as it gets.

By the way, I spiced up the interludes between Ankarlo’s rants just to make it exciting. I hope you enjoy it.

For those that liked this video, here’s a bonus remix with some new characters for Ankarlo to play with and also new music. Yeah, it’s random.