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Ankarlo Wants Prize If He Helps 6 year-olds Murder Abusers

Supporting the Second Amendment is one thing. And saving children from abuse is one thing. But do six year-olds have Second Amendment rights? Is it even safe for six year-olds to wield a gun? Should six year-olds take the law into their own hands? Trigger-happy Darrell Ankarlo seems to say Yes to all of these (from 2-20-09):

If this little 6 year-old could get a gun, I would help her aim it…I think I could go to court and a jury of my peers would say ‘Mr Ankarlo, we’re going to give you a car because you helped a little kid shoot somebody who was doing something this diabolical.’

A new car? Since when do courts award prizes? I’m not sure if even courts in cartoons do this.

Ankarlo may be unsure…but I’m fairly certain that promoting kinder-vigilante murder on the radio is indeed wrong.