KTAR’s Ankarlo Urges Suicide For Mentally Unstable?

Wednesday April 22nd was the first day Ankarlo came back on the air after the speed camera shooting/murder that occurred on April 19th. According to someone who heard the show that morning, Ankarlo apparently went overboard in his condemnation of DeStories (the speed cam killer) and allegedly urged people with marginal mental health to take their own life.

Not very long after this on-air rant, Ankarlo was pulled off mid-program supposedly because he was not feeling well. His producer, Rob Hunter, had to sit in for him while Kid was called in.

Regarding Ankarlo’s health, he has been recovering from a concussion that he suffered in a car accident earlier in April. Was this the reason he did not finish the show that day, or could it have been the management at KTAR finally coming to their senses about Ankarlo’s maniacal rants? Time will tell. Ankarlo has not been back on the air since then.

The absurd thing is that Ankarlo’s reaction to the news of DeStories killing a speed cam worker (which could have been partly a result of Ankarlo’s indirectly encouraging people to target shoot at speed cams) was to then to encourage people who are mentally unstable (like DeStories) to commit suicide. What’s next? After some unstable people decide to kill themselves, will Ankarlo then come on the air to urge people to burn down the doctors’ houses that were caring for the unstable people? This might not ever end.

Again, does Ankarlo or KTAR have any responsibility for the speech they produce?