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Ankarlo’s Use of N-Word is Non-Offensive?

Back in April of 2008, there was a dust up between ASU and KTAR’s head-hater, Darrell Ankarlo. Supposedly there were complaints from ASU students riding the ASU shuttle claiming that KTAR contained offensive programming. According to Ankarlo, ASU banned KTAR from their buses and this forced Ankarlo into becoming even more of a drama queen than usual.

He took his show to ASU and ranted and raved the entire program. He faked a station shut down while he was on air and he showed off his reading skills by reading the US Constitution. His show “is about saving America”, he claimed. It seems to me that most of his ranting was against people who didn’t have the same opinion that he did. Because the possibility of his show being truly offensive was “bullcrap”. So it had to be that people simply didn’t like his opinions. I’m not so sure…

I found at least a couple of instances, that I think could be considered offensive by some. This one, he uses the N-word to make a point about Obama and his old preacher in Chicago (from 3-18-08):

CALLER: So if you’re saying you dont want to make this about race and you hope to God you’re not doing that, but you are doing that, Ankarlo. So you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.

ANKARLO: Ok. So I think all niggers in this country are my enemy.

CALLER: Why are you being divisive? He rejected the kinds of words that he used. Why are you using the same words?

ANKARLO: Listen, Becky. I think they are my enemy and I think we need to defeat them all. Now, if I said that on a regular basis…if I said that at all on this show, would you listen to everything else I had to say, or would you say ‘oh, that guy’s got some real problems’?

I think one can see the point he’s stupidly trying to make. The problem is the way he made the point. Sort of similar to how a child may go about an argument. So although listeners may understand the point he’s making, it doesn’t mean it’s not offensive.

KTAR’s Ankarlo Hates on Obama

Listen to Ankarlo join the right-wing smear machine against Obama leading up to the 2008 election. All of the audio clips in this video were taken from Ankarlo’s show between Oct 7 2008 to Oct 30 2008…just weeks before the election.

Ankarlo might claim that he was simply being critical of Obama, as he was being critical of McCain. But I think most would recognize this as smearing and demonizing. Watch the video and decide for yourself.
Ankarlo accused Obama of trying to covertly convince Iraqis to continue the war until he came to office. Without any proof, he then spews (from 10-10-08):
For a presidential wanna-be to insert himself into war politics during an act of war…uh, folks…Subversive? Anti-patriotic? Anti-American?
How about sending our troops to the other side of the globe to unjustifiably invade another country? I wonder how he would label that.
According to Ankarlo, here’s what Obama has planned for the military once he takes office (from 10-30-08 War Room):
He has told us along the way that he was going to completely wipe out the military as we know it.
Where’s does he come up with this stuff? And here’s the worst: When desperate enough, compare the person you don’t like to Hitler. In this case, it’s all in the way they talk, I guess
I think of Austria in a time that another cult of personality came from nowhere. And we all said how would so many Austrians agree to go with that kind of a diabolical plot?
Fear, fear and more fear. By the way, according to Ankarlo, it seems McCain could only have won with God’s help. So this implies that God did not help Obama?
This man, unless there is a miracle, will be President Barack Obama.

Remember Ankarlo’s old promo where he proclaimed “I’m not a right-wingnut-job”? Haven’t heard that one in a while. Now I know why.