Ankarlo Gone…but KTAR still Sucks

In April 2009, Ankarlo was in a car accident that lead to him being pushed out of KTAR. So after a year and a half of Phoenix being subjected to this hate-jockey, now it’s over.

What would be an Ankarlo-like comment about what happened? I can’t help to wonder about that. After hearing him and getting to know how he thinks, I’m pretty sure it would be something ignorant and hateful like this:

“Obviously, God had enough of him spewing hate and fear for 3 hours a day and decided to put a stop to it. According to my Christian manuscripts, everything happens for a reason. Sounds like the guy got what he deserved. Let’s see if he gets the message and changes his ways. Then maybe God would have some mercy on him.”

Personally, I would never say that. But I’m certain that’s something Ankarlo would say about someone else (for different reasons, of course).

KTAR being KTAR, they searched for someone equally as hateful and misinformed. Fortunately for Phoenix, there are not many as bad as Ankarlo was. Bruce St James has taken his spot and does his best to stir up the shit like Ankarlo did, but it’s just not in his DNA.

One thought on “Ankarlo Gone…but KTAR still Sucks”

  1. KTAR’s Bruce St. James is a hypocrate.He plays the same right-wing game to break-up labor unions,by saying we should be jealous that labor union workers get better pay and benefits than the rest of us,but when someone complains about the rich not paying their fair share of taxes,such as Exxon-Mobil making $50 billion last year,and paying no taxes,he calls it class warfare.
    Wake up people.KTAR,Glenn Beck,George Will,Limbaugh,and the rest of them are paid-propogandists of the extremist right-wingers,who will not rest until there are no labor unions,no minimum wage,no pensions,no social security,no health care benefits,no child labor laws,no environmental regulations,and no safety standards.

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